Aerospace Company Improvement Plan

An Italian Company operating in Aerospace business felt the need for a change management process focused on performance and development.


  • The Client is a medium Italian Company operating in Aerospace business since ’30.
  • Different processes and capabilities such as Design, Manufacturing, Assembly & MRO  are available for Structures and Equipment.
  • The previous company organization, was owner’s tailor-made, and the structure was not focused on performance and development.
  • The Managing Director felt the need for a deep  and structured change management process.
 Aerospace-company-improvement plan 1


  • In order to meet the customers requirements in terms of competitiveness, product quality and on time delivery IEBS supported the Client during 2011 – 2014 managing ACE Improvement Project (Acceleration  and  Competitiveness  through  Excellence).
  • Following targets were defined as:
    • Acceleration of the company processes and increase the product output (productivity)
    • Improvement of the product and process quality
    • Cost reduction by production process efficiency increase
    • Strengthening and extension of the company know-how and capabilities (human resources)
    • Establishment of conditions favorable to the company development (passion, fairness and trust)


  • The project run for a long period (2011-2014) and have been organized in different phases as:
    • Phase 1: current situation analysis and targets (AS IS ANALYSIS)
    • Phase 2: Development of a new business model and Quick Wins (TO BE MODEL)
    • Phase 3: Improvement plan (START OF IMPROVEMENTS PROJECTS)
    • Phase 4: Project monitoring (COACHING & TRAINING)
  • A collaborative approach and a hands-on training was adopted to facilitate the transfer Know-how from Consultants to the Client.
Aerospace-company-improvement plan 2 


  • Many operational projects and kaizen events have been carried out in different areas.
  • Vital processes have been reviewed and improved such as:
    • Sales, Production Planning & Control, Purchasing, Manufacturing & Assembly, Product & Process Quality, Accounting, IT, Finance, Program Mngt, Governance.
  • 100% of Managers, 60% of White collars and 40% of Labors have been involved by the program
  • The project is still running on phase 4 ( May 2014). 


  • Turnover increased by 2.3 (2013 vs 2011)
  • Production efficiency improvement
  • Customer Service improvement (OTD, Cost reduction & Quality)
  • EBIT in line with target
  • Personnel motivation & Company reactivity improvement
  • Availability of new software tools  and methodology for production planning (SCM) and for the governance.