Reducing operational cost via production efficiency


Discovering hidden costs

Have you ever thought that costs in your firm hide below your eyes? Our experts can pull out inefficiencies that are disclosed in production processes. With our methodology your company can discover them and make money from things never considered before.



Cost efficiency 1 

A 3-way methodology

Ingersol Engineers has defined an unerring methodology to attack cost, based on an experienced knowledge proved on the field:

  •  Operational cost
  • Technological analysis
  • Organization
  • Cost structure
  • Material purchase cost
  • Raw material
  • Standards
  • Material utilization
  • Buy to fly reduction


Cost efficiency 2 

A good habit

Every firm should rethink its own business model from the origin: produce the best quality goods preserving high margins. This is clear, but does your firm do the right to pursue this goal?

Ingersol Engineers can help you to do this!

For over 20 years we have helped companies to rediscover this simple principle that can revive their position in the global market. 


Cost efficiency 3 

Experts with cross skills

Our engineers are highly competent in mechanical technology, information management & organization and, mostly, in production problem solving.

We have ranged among many sectors, from manufacturing to services, and make our know how available to your needs.

Cost efficiency 4 

Case Studies:

Tools Manufacturer: Product Cost Definition and Efficiency Plan

Airline Group: Modeling a new Maintenance shop floor in Aircraft Industry