Automotive & Transport

Demand drop has intensified the competitiveness rate in the automotive sector.

In order to fulfil requirements that are more and more oriented to the end customer satisfaction, and characterized by a marked product customization, lean systems implementation is required in order to respond to the continuing market evolutions. The flexibility level of productive processes required, and the consequent need to reconfigure production lines, have become the main challenges of the automotive industry. The needs to relate with a multiplicity of components and systems vendors, to de-localize production, to outsource some research and development phases; the growing importance of quality control and innovation – all these factors affect management complexity.

Ingersol Engineers supports organizations in these challegses. In order to better rationalise production processes while maintaining high quality standards, companies striving for complex products development must develop new business models. In this context we can introduce lean organization systems methodologies, thus easing the implementation of restructuring processes both inside the organization and in the supply chain. Our services ensure high professionality, experience and expertise. Effects on business are always measured and they are the guarantee of every achievement.

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