Operational Excellence

Developing a relentless cultural effort to attain the highest standards of performance

Operational excellence means the ability to produce consistent results which exceed customer expectations at excellent quality, low risk and low cost. It also means the improvement effort is continuing and consistent, regardless of improvements already made and never accepting that we are now 'good enough'. 

Operational excellence focuses entirely on exceeding customer expectations with efficiency and effectiveness across the entire value chain. The target areas of Supply Chain, In-House Production, Distribution and Maintenance typically represent around 90% of Cost Of Sales. 

Operational excellence (OPEX) also promotes excellence awareness in the company and motivates employees to innovate continually. This leads to autonomous value streams. If there are breaks in the value chain or opportunities for optimising it, the responsible employees are empowered to make improvements directly, without the intervention of management. Operational excellence thus becomes a pre-condition to sustainable success, particularly in dynamic, highly competitive markets. 

Ingersol Engineers consultants use the comprehensive OPEX methodology developed over many years of experience. Our programs develop customised OPEX strategies that are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of your company and your market environment. OPEX programs deliver a high level of sustained business benefits.

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