Supply Chain Management

Delivering increased value to the business 

The scope of the Supply Chain includes a wide range of commercial, planning and logistics work. Its value to the businesses is hard to overstate. Increased Supply Chain performance can deliver remarkable benefits to the business, impacting customer service level, quality, growth and profitability. 

Supply Chain is multi-faceted. For example, when considering manufacturing parts in Asia for use in Europe or the US for example, we might need to consider questions such as: 

  • What will be the total cost including transportation, required inventory holdings & communications?
  • How will we manage and continue to improve our product quality?
  • What will be the effect on lead-times and customer service level?
  • What changes will we need to make in order to manage and deliver value from the new Supply Chain? 

 There is no single solution to these questions. Ingersol Engineers' Supply Chain consultants add value by working closely with client teams. They bring their knowledge, expertise and experience, and lead thinking towards the best creative solutions. Our consultants have subject matter expertise from their experience of senior Supply Chain roles as well as from delivering highly challenging and valuable project benefits. Client teams gain experience, enjoy the challenge of thinking creatively, supporting proposals with data, and implementing change with people in their organization.

To create the greatest increased value for the business, most Supply Chain improvements need to consider a range of global issues, how we forecast and plan, how we warehouse and distribute. This is against an international background of changing labour rates, political situations, fuel costs and capacity availability. Supply Chains not only have to be ‘lean’, they have to be designed to withstand changes in political and market conditions.

Ingersol Engineers Supply Chain consulting project benefits typically include cost down, risk mitigation, lead-time reduction, customer service improvement, working capital reduction and quality improvements.

We have expert and experienced consultants to deliver value in the areas of:


Ingersol Engineers is Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL) by IIBLC®:

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