Inventories: a lever to improve customer service

Stock-sizing is a critical aspect that must be strategically managed to maintain competitiveness. If, on the one hand, inventories are a cost for the organization; on the other, it is important to ensure that quality service is guaranteed to customers with an accurately sized inventory level.

Advanced and precise methods of stock optimization and developed inventory management policies can offer solutions fulfilling both requirements (QSAM: Quick Stock Analysis Methods).

Ingersol Engineers has extensive know-how in the most advanced criteria for inventory management. With years of experience in different industrial fields Ingersol Engineers implements improvement projects on stock optimization, based on a cost/benefit trade-off evaluation.

Also by a smart stock administration reducing costs is possible

Setting stock standards is difficult
Many companies operate in a growingly unstable market: demand uncertainty, extremely diversified products, multiple sales channels. Increasing outsourcing and supply chains complexity further enhance uncertainty. Stocks are the decoupling device to match demand with supply.

Impact on the business
The real opportunity for companies stems from connecting demand forecast with internal operations by an accurate inventory management. In fact, a firm s’ profitability profitability derives from anticipating market signals and turn them into executive actions.

A well tuned planning process
Ingersol Engineers has a great experience in stock management issues. Thanks to state‐of‐the‐art planning techniques and historical experience in many industrial fields, we deliver the most fitting solution to your business.

Reducing costs with the most fitting management policy

Starting from forecasting
The first step is to rationalize management processes. Then it is possible to target actions on demand forecast, inventory levels settings and operations management.

Improving your forecast can be done with modern techniques and, most of all with subsequent useful information that will allow you to reschedule forecast data.

We deliver customized solutions
Items can vary. Strong critiera can help managers to understand the best strategy to minimize costs. By creating a solid team, Ingersol Engineers consultants are able to deliver effective and quick results.
We shift know how to our customers, so that they can be independent and continue to work autonomously.

Case Studies:

Boilers Manufacturer: Lean Implementation in a Production System