A global approach to reduce costs.

Improving processes
Process upgrading requires working together in order to remove wastes of time, money and resources, making it quicker, low-priced, easier and more reliable. The global market is asking for better products and services. This can only be achieved by taking the right actions on quality, delivery time, flexibility and human resources.

How this can be done
Ingersol Engineers supports managers in problem solving. We draw your processes in a map which brings the team to tackle and measure objectives. Of course, improvement can be done in many ways: Ingersol Engineers detects, plans and implements along with its customers the most effective way to reach the shared goals.

Solutions are right behind the corner

Grasping opportunities
Process outputs differing from customers’ requirements, bottleneck occurrences, system or product quality problems, too high delivery times, uncontrolled stock levels: these are just a few examples.

With the 20 KEYS™ method, Ingersol Engineers identifies problems and delivers solutions to be shared and implemented with its customers.

We deliver efficient methodologies
With the SCMS™ method Ingersol Engineers offers a simple but effective tool for selecting the most improving tasks, assigning them to resources and monitoring results, comparing them with fixed targets.

We train our customers “on the job” with the Lean Thinking techniques and make them able to apply these techniques for specific needs. Soon, our customers become self‐directed.